The late French physician Paul Nogier, renowned for his groundbreaking work in auriculotherapy, also made significant contributions to holistic medicine through his development of the “Nogier frequencies.” These seven distinct frequencies, each resonating with different biological tissues, have opened new avenues in non-invasive therapy, promising enhanced healing across various physical and psychological ailments.

The Nogier Frequencies Explained

Each of Nogier’s frequencies is tailored to interact with specific tissues and systems within the body, offering targeted therapeutic effects:

  1. Frequency A | 292 Hz – Cellular Vitality
    • Target: Ectoderm (skin, nerves, brain)
    • Benefits: Promotes wound healing, nerve repair, and reduces inflammation and tumors. Known as a universal frequency, it can be applied broadly across various conditions.
  2. Frequency B | 584 Hz – Autonomic Nerve Balance
    • Target: Endoderm (gastrointestinal tract, lungs, liver)
    • Benefits: Improves nutritional assimilation, alleviates allergy symptoms, and balances the parasympathetic nervous system. Particularly effective for circulatory issues and lymphatic disturbances.
  3. Frequency C | 1,168 Hz – Muscle and Blood Circulation
    • Target: Mesoderm (muscle, bone, heart)
    • Benefits: Addresses muscle, skeletal, and myofascial pain, enhancing overall blood and lymph circulation.
  4. Frequency D | 2,336 Hz – Mind and Body Stress Adjustment
    • Target: Brain (hemispherical balance)
    • Benefits: Aids in stress reduction and helps balance brain function, fostering mental and emotional well-being.
  5. Frequency E | 4,672 Hz – Peripheral Nervous System
    • Target: Spinal cord and peripheral nerves
    • Benefits: Treats spinal and skin disorders, offers pain control, and reduces neurological symptoms.
  6. Frequency F | 73 Hz – Harmonic Frequency for Hormone Balance
    • Target: Sub-cortical brain regions (thalamus, hypothalamus)
    • Benefits: Supports hormone regulation, addresses non-healing bone fractures, and mitigates facial pain and headaches.
  7. Frequency G | 146 Hz – Harmonic Frequency for Brain Activation
    • Target: Cerebral cortex
    • Benefits: Enhances cognitive functions such as memory and creativity, and helps in treating psychological disorders. Also known as a universal frequency, it can be applied for various conditions.

Clinical Applications and Future Perspectives

The Nogier frequencies are employed through devices that emit these specific vibrations, applying them non-invasively to the corresponding areas of the body. This method of treatment has found applications not only in human medicine but also in veterinary practice, where it aids in reducing inflammation, treating non-healing wounds, and even improving behavioral issues in animals.

The ongoing research into Nogier’s frequencies continues to validate their effectiveness and expand their application. As holistic approaches gain traction in medical communities worldwide, the integration of frequency therapy offers a promising supplement to traditional treatments, emphasizing the body’s intrinsic ability to heal and maintain balance.


Paul Nogier’s legacy in the field of holistic medicine is profound and enduring. His frequencies have paved the way for innovative therapeutic practices that harmonize technology with natural healing processes. As we continue to explore and understand the complex interactions within the human body at the cellular level, Nogier’s frequencies stand as a testament to the potential of frequency-based healing in achieving overall health and wellness.