In a captivating new episode of “The Higher Love Project,” host Sathya Fae, also known as Sola Fae, invites listeners into a realm of transcendence, healing, and higher consciousness. The episode features a profound conversation with the extraordinary Art Tawanghar, an award-winning, Billboard charting new age instrumental musician and composer. Tawanghar, renowned for his sound healing music available on all streaming platforms, takes the audience on an exploratory journey through the vibrational spectrum, discussing various healing frequencies and their connection to 5D consciousness.

Art Tawanghar is not just a musician but also a specialist in PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy, a revolutionary healing technique. In this enlightening conversation, Tawanghar unveils the mysteries and potent capabilities of his ‘PEMF Healing App,’ available on the App Store. The discussion delves deep into the realms of different types of healing, exploring the transformative powers of frequencies and vibrations in fostering well-being and elevating consciousness.

Listeners are granted an unexpected and delightful opportunity to immerse themselves in a conversation that oscillates between the realms of music, healing, and spirituality. Tawanghar’s music, a harmonious blend of new age instrumental vibes, resonates with healing energies, guiding listeners through a spectrum of vibrational frequencies that promote healing and consciousness expansion.

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Embark on a transformative journey through the vibrational spectrum with Art Tawanghar and Sathya Fae, exploring the pathways to healing and elevated consciousness.