The OlyLife P90 is a versatile Terahertz (THz) therapy system designed to produce frequencies ranging from 1 THz to 27 THz. By combining Terahertz therapy with Low-Frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Healing Therapy, you can achieve faster and more effective results. Here are the best practices and recommendations for using these two modalities together.

Safety Precautions

  • Avoid Metal: Do not wear any metallic objects during P90 therapy sessions.
  • Relaxation: Engage in minor breathing exercises to relax before a session.
  • Electronic Devices: Do not use your phone or any other electronic devices while using the P90.


  • Grounding: Before using the P90, it is essential to ground yourself to discharge any accumulated electrical charge.
    • Stand on the ground for at least 5 minutes while deep breathing.
    • If standing on the ground is not possible, touch a metal object for at least 1 minute to ground yourself.
    • Alternatively, use grounding accessories like sheets, pillowcases, or mats, ensuring they provide a clean grounding source. For the most effective grounding, use the accessory’s included grounding rod.

Using the P90

  • Intensity Levels:
    • For daily use, do not exceed Level 3-4.
    • For severe conditions, depending on severity, use Levels 5-10. Increase the level for more severe cases.
  • Listening to Your Body: If you feel uncomfortable at any time, stop the THz treatment immediately.
  • Duration: Recommended session duration is 8-15 minutes. It is not necessary to stay for the entire 30 minutes. If you wish to have another session, wait at least 1 hour between sessions.
  • Post-Session:
    • Ground yourself again after each session.
    • Drink a glass of water.

Benefits of P90 Therapy

  • Helps with hangovers, gout, various types of pain, speeds up digestion and metabolism.
  • For repeated use, do not exceed Level 5.

Combining Terahertz Therapy with PEMF Therapy

Terahertz Therapy (1 THz to 27 THz)

  • Non-Ionizing Radiation: THz waves lie between infrared and microwave radiation.
  • Biological Interaction: Shorter wavelength and higher frequency allow interaction with biological molecules and cellular structures.
  • Penetration Depth: Suitable for superficial treatments (a few millimeters).
  • Cellular Effects: Activates normal cells, stimulates microcirculation, repairs damaged cells, removes toxins and coldness, and potentially destroys abnormal cells.
  • Resonance: Resonates with the natural frequencies of the body’s cells and molecules, promoting energetic balance and well-being.

PEMF Therapy (0.1 Hz to 20 kHz)

  • Penetration Depth: Suitable for treating conditions affecting bones, muscles, and joints.
  • Cellular Communication: Promotes cellular communication, nutrient exchange, and waste removal.
  • Pain Relief and Healing: Leads to pain relief, reduced inflammation, and improved healing.
  • Bone Health: Increases osteoblast activity (bone formation) and reduces osteoclast formation (bone resorption), beneficial for conditions like osteoporosis and fracture healing.

Synergistic Benefits

  • Nervous System Regulation: PEMF targets the CNS, while Terahertz waves resonate with the PNS, providing a holistic approach to nervous system regulation.
  • Cellular Communication and Regeneration: PEMF facilitates cellular communication and nutrient exchange, while Terahertz waves promote cellular repair and regeneration, creating an environment conducive to faster healing and tissue recovery.

Using the PEMF Healing Therapy Mobile App

  • Grounding: Use any of the grounding methods mentioned above.
  • Phone Setup: Put your phone on Airplane mode and ensure your WiFi is on.
  • App Download: Download the PEMF Healing app from┬áhere.
  • Frequency Selection: Open the app and select your desired frequency.
  • Headphones: Use headphones at a comfortable volume level and keep your phone away from yourself.
  • P90 Usage: Get on the P90 and start at your desired level, not exceeding Level 5. Recommended duration is at least 15 minutes.
  • Post-Therapy: Drink some water and ground yourself again.

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