In the realm of frequency healing, specific frequencies have been identified to target various ailments effectively. This article delves into the recommended frequencies for addressing mast cell tumors, suitable for both humans and animals. Additionally, you can access a complete session featuring these frequencies on the PEMF Healing App.

Frequency Healing for Mast Cell Tumors

Mast cell tumors can be challenging to treat, but frequency healing offers a non-invasive approach to support conventional treatments. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the recommended frequencies, each serving a specific purpose in the healing process:

  1. Stabilization Frequencies (Electroherbalism CALF)
    • 20 Hz – Duration: 5 minutes
      • This frequency helps stabilize mast cells, reducing their abnormal activity and supporting overall cellular balance.
    • 146 Hz – Duration: 5 minutes
      • Another stabilization frequency, 146 Hz, works synergistically with 20 Hz to ensure mast cell stability.
    • 304 Hz – Duration: 5 minutes
      • Further aids in mast cell stabilization, providing a solid foundation for subsequent healing frequencies.
  2. Anti-inflammatory Frequency (Other)
    • 40 Hz – Duration: 5 minutes
      • Known for its anti-inflammatory effects, this frequency helps alleviate inflammation associated with mast cell tumors, promoting a more conducive environment for healing.
  3. Cancer Cell Targeting Frequencies (Rife Frequencies)
    • 2112 Hz – Duration: 5 minutes
      • Specifically targets cancer cells, making it an essential frequency in the treatment of mast cell tumors.
    • 2128 Hz – Duration: 5 minutes
      • Commonly used in cancer treatment protocols, this frequency enhances the overall effectiveness of the therapy.
    • 727 Hz – Duration: 3 minutes
    • 787 Hz – Duration: 3 minutes
    • 880 Hz – Duration: 3 minutes
      • These three frequencies are often used in combination to target cancer cells comprehensively, attacking the tumor from multiple fronts.
  4. Tumor Targeting Frequencies (CAFL – Consolidated Annotated Frequency List)
    • 2008 Hz – Duration: 5 minutes
      • Effective in targeting tumors, this frequency is crucial for shrinking mast cell tumors.
    • 690 Hz – Duration: 3 minutes
    • 666 Hz – Duration: 3 minutes
    • 728 Hz – Duration: 3 minutes
    • 10,000 Hz – Duration: 5 minutes
      • These frequencies are utilized to target tumors, ensuring a thorough approach to reducing and eliminating tumor cells.
  5. Pain Relief and Detoxification Frequencies (Other)
    • 174 Hz – Duration: 5 minutes
      • This frequency aids in pain relief and tissue regeneration, promoting comfort and healing.
    • 741 Hz – Duration: 5 minutes
      • Known for its detoxification and cellular health benefits, 741 Hz helps cleanse the body and support overall cellular function.

Accessing the Complete Session on PEMF Healing App

All the above frequencies are carefully sequenced to create a comprehensive healing session for mast cell tumors. This session is available on the PEMF Healing App, which provides an easy and effective way to incorporate frequency healing into your daily routine.

Suitable for Humans and Animals

These frequencies are beneficial for both humans and animals. Whether you are treating a beloved pet or yourself, frequency healing offers a natural and non-invasive way to support health and well-being.

Are you ready to explore the natural way to support the treatment of mast cell tumors with frequency healing? Download the PEMF Healing App and start your journey towards better health today.